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Our Core service is offering Online Jobs Services for both Clients and Freelancers.

Online Work Board offers you a unique remote working experience. It is your virtual office that allows you to hire a professional freelancer or to work online jobs from anywhere. As such Online Work Board serves to connect you to the best talent in any profession and also connects you jobs online that you can work from anywhere provided you can access the internet.

Our services are enjoyed by two groups of people: The Client as the Service Buyer and Freelancers as the Service Providers.

Who is A Client…

A client is someone offering online jobs to freelancers. As a client, we offer you a special platform where you can hire a professional online. The hiring process starts with you signing up for a free account. Once you enter the required sign-up details, a confirmation link will be sent to your email. Open the link and your account will be activated.

Since you want to hire, the next step will be for you to post your project. Click on the Post a Project button. The screen below will load and you enter your project details. They include:

Online Jobs Details

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  1. Project Title-This is the title of your job or project. An example could be “I need a website developer” or “Online data entry from word and excel sheets” or “Looking for a 3D Logo designer” Basically the title is the short heading for the job you want to hire someone to do online.
  2. Project description-This is a detailed description of your project. The description is a complete guide that the freelancer awarded the jobs will follow. Ensure to make it as detailed as possible. Do not miss important information in the project description. Make the description simple to understand for the freelancer.
  3. Select project Category-All online jobs are published in categories. When posting your online job, select a category that best describes the category under which the online job best falls. For example, if you are looking for a website developer to design a website in WordPress, then you would select web design as the online jobs category.
  4. Tags-Enter words that best describe your online jobs. Tags help in conducting quick searches within the large list of online jobs offered on the Online Work Board. A project on say an article on “How to earn money online through article writing” would have tags like article writing.
  5. Project budget-Project budget is the amount of money that you as the client are willing to for the online job that you are offering. The amount should be in USD and it for the basis upon which a freelancer will propose their pay. The amount indicated does not mean what you will pay as a freelancer can either give a counteroffer that is higher or lower than your quoted amount.
  6. Project deadline-online jobs must have a deadline. This is the date you want the project to have been completed. Select a date that suits you but one that will give enough time to the freelancer you hire to have done all the work. Ensure the date picked also enables you to have reviewed the files sent by the freelancer for approval.
  7. Project Images and Files-When working on online jobs, as a client you will be required to provide all the materials. These include images, and illustrations. Also attach any other files like word documents, pdf, excel sheets, or web pages that are part of the projects. The files will be used to complete the online jobs you are offering to freelancers successfully.

Online Jobs Options

online jobs for freelancers to work from home
options when posting online jobs

You have additional features to include when posting your online jobs. The options include paying an additional fee to have your project featured. A featured project is highlighted and pinned at the top of the online jobs list. This makes your project stand out, be recognized by more freelancers and thus get more attention from the target professionals. Another feature is the Sealed Bids option. This make all bids received for your project to be hidden. This means freelancers cannot view each others bids. It helps to reduce undue competition when bidding. This option is free for all your online jobs that you post on Online Work Board. and finally the last option is one that hides your online jobs from the web crawlers. This means that the post will not be indexed by search engines and anyone searching for the exact project title may not find it in the common search engines like Google.

Online Jobs Summary Preview

Before publishing your project, it is important to preview and scan through critical items. You will see a summary of your project in a table format. You can edit any part that you find incorrect. Below is a sample online jobs summary preview.

Summary preview of an online job posting

If the preview looks okay, post the project and it will be listed in the available online jobs for freelancers to send in proposals.