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Why work online?

The world is changing fast. You need to catch up with the speed. One of the biggest changes you might have experienced recently affected the world, Covid-19 Pandemic and with it changed the way you work. Professionals, skilled workers, and tutors have to work online. As you read this article, keep in mind that working online is just as demanding as working in an office on a 9-5 job, many a time, more demanding.

With the above short introduction, I will take you through a step-by-step guide to help you start your journey to work online. It is a simple but necessary guide to help you create an online profile that will attract your employer to hire you immediately.

Register an account to work online

Visit, and find the Register Now button as shown in the image below.

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Your registration form will load for you to enter your details including, a Username, email address and a password.

You can register as a freelancer to work online.

If you want to hire a skilled person to work online on your job, project or task then register as a Buyer or Customer

register a free account to work online and earn money working online

You will receive an email with a link to verify your email address.

Click on the link to verify and activate your account. Once verified, you will be asked to log in and update your profile settings.

Update your online profile

You are now halfway in your journey to work online. The next steps will show you how to make your profile stand out and help you get online jobs that match with your skills.

Login to your new account and on the left side menu list, locate the Account Setting tab as shown below.

hire a freelancer to workon your project
How to create a freelancer profile that sells

Enter the required details such as First Name, Last Name, Location, Designation and Description.

Let me explain why the details are important.

Since you want to work online, your clients, who are your employers may need to search for you by name, therefore provide your real name.

Your location is important, to work online, some clients need to work with people from their locality if the job requires that you be familiar with the area. It is important to localized jobs.

Enter your role/ designation for example if you are looking for copywriting jobs, then enter your role/position as Copy Writer. If you want to work online as a web programmer you can use a web designer or web developer as your role.

Now enter a one paragraph description detailing your skills, qualifications, experience, and work goals.

hire the best and skilled freelancer to work online for you
Make a profile that will get you hired to work online

Getting paid to work online

Your work will be paid duly. A payment method is, therefore, a requirement for freelancers. The online work board system uses Paypal as the primary payment gateway. Register a PayPal account and fill in the email address used to create the account.

Set the hourly rate you wish to be paid. Setting an hourly rate informs your client of the amount they will pay you if the job is measurable by the time it takes to complete.

All jobs are paid as a full project, this means the client will suggest the amount when posting the project and freelancers set their fee when they submit a proposal to the client.

The winning bidder will get the amount they bid in for the project.

how to hire a freelancer online and pay then via paypal

Complete your online work profile

To ensure clients find your profile enticing, add a Profile Photo. The photo should be an official one. Don’t use a photo you took during a party with friends and use it for your profile.

Upload a background image. The background image could be an image related or showing the services you offer.

Clients are keen to see your past work. They use it to measure your skills. Upload images of previous projects you have completed before. Remember to upload images that reflect your experience in the skills you have selected. A good example is to use photos of works you have designed in the past if you are targeting graphics design jobs.

hire a freelancer to work online for you

Online Jobs that need a freelancer to work online are normally posted every minute, day and night. You need a system that will alert you whenever a job that matches your skills is posted. In your profile, select skills that you are competent in and you can deliver quality work if hired to do a project.

Also, select the region where you want to receive online jobs. A client in south America would want to work with a freelancer from the same region. It is only in specific projects. Freelancers work online for clients from all over the world.

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Hire a freelancer online…..Parting Shot.

When searching for a skilled freelancer to hire, always check their profiles to be sure you are hiring the best. We value our clients and getting the best results from our freelancers is our major goal. So, follow the above simple steps to update your profile. Once you have a detailed profile, you position yourself at an advantage point of getting hired. After updating your online work profile settings, bid and send proposals to as many online jobs as possible. However, bid for jobs you can handle to completion.

All the best, let us work online.

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