About Us

In a summary…..

Online Work Board is an online jobs outsourcing company. It is incorporated as private company. Our platform is built to connect people around the work through professional services outsourcing. Online Work Board was formed following the quickly growing need for remote working stations.

Skilled professionals can now work from anywhere in the world. Our clients can also employ hundreds of experienced freelancers world wide.

Our Journey….

Our journey started when a friend in United States wanted to develop a website for his startup grocery delivery business. He sort our services, but then all communication was via phone calls and emails. Payments would take longer to process….The project was completed, however it opened an opportunity. The fact that more clients are seeking the services of freelancers globally. As such, the development of an interactive platform that would allow for a seamless management of projects remotely was initiated.

The journey has seen Online Work Board enroll thousands of freelancer from all over the world. The simplicity of Online Work Board interface has helped many non-techie users to enjoy using powerful tools in a simple way.

The Future….

Our dream is to continue serving more customers by connecting them to qualified, professional and experienced freelancers globally.

Through Online Work Board, clients get work done by the best freelancers. It is a platform where every one of our clients has given positive feedback.

we ensure both the customer and the service provide operate in a secure environment. Our system is build to make sure the privacy and confidentiality of both parties is protected.

You can now hire a freelancer with confidence. Freelancers can get unlimited online jobs to work on anytime, anywhere.

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